The xShare project will make health data sharing a reality in Europe


The European EHRxF with a single click through the xShare Yellow Button

Aiming to facilitate health data sharing, the xShare project will develop its innovative Yellow Button. This tool allows users to share their medical data with health professionals quickly and securely. Integrated with the European Electronic Health Record Exchange Format (EHRxF), with a single click, patients and clinicians across Europe will share information, thus improving treatment coordination and effectiveness.

The xShare Yellow Button boosting the EHDS

The xShare project aligns with the European Health Data Space (EHDS), an initiative that seeks to improve interoperability and access to health data across Europe. The xShare Yellow Button is a key component in this effort, facilitating data transfer between different systems and countries, ensuring that health professionals have the necessary information when they needed. This tool contributes not only to better healthcare but also to collaborative medical research on a European scale.


Empowering citizens and enhancing control over health data

One of the main features of the xShare Yellow Button is its focus on citizen control over their health data. Patients can decide what information to share, with whom, and when. All under strict security and privacy measures. This tool allows users to manage their data in an informed and secure manner, empowering them in the care of their own health.


Catalonia as an Adoption Site for the Yellow Button

Catalonia, through the TIC Salut Social Foundation and representing the Catalan Health System and the Spanish Ministry of Health plays a fundamental role in this project. During the testing phase of the xShare Yellow Button, Catalonia will be one of the 8 Adoption Sites. With a solid know how in technological innovation, Catalonia has developed the Blue Button, its own tool for health data sharing that complies with international interoperability standards. Its participation in the xShare project demonstrates Catalonia’s commitment to improving healthcare through technology and international collaboration, consolidating its position as a leader in this field.


The xShare project and its Yellow Button are one step forward in the way health data is shared in Europe. And FHIR International, one of the consortium partners, provides the strategic approach to ensure interoperability, accessibility, and citizen control over their data.


Written by Victor Barberà, Corporate Communications Manager, Fundació TIC Salut Social

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