xShare vision

xShare is a 3-year Horizon Europe project envisioning everyone sharing their health data in EEHRxF with a click-of-a-button. xShare will help us share our health data in EEHRxF by clicking the ‘yellow button’.

To realise this vision, xShare will:

  • Demonstrate the xShare button across continuity of care, clinical research, and population health
  • Build the European EHRxF Standards and Policy HUB sustainable by design ​
  • Facilitate the movement of digital health services across Europe and globally through standards
  • Explore feasibility of the xSHARE industry label indicating capability to work with EHRxF data

The xShare consortium, co-led by MedCom (DK) and HL7 Europe (BE), comprises six standards developing organizations, three industry associations, six national and regional ministries of health, government agencies, and five SMEs as early xShare adopters in eight European Member States.

The diverse collaboration includes one public health institute, five academic institutions, and a high-performance computing centre, positioning the European EHRxF Standards and Policy Hub as a critical infrastructure for research and innovation in Europe.

Project highlights

  • European trade associations take the lead in EEHRxF with the xShare ‘yellow’ Button
  • Creating the European EHRxF Standards and Policy Hub to support the xShare Label

xShare Consortium

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Catherine Chronaki

Secretary General HL7 Scientific Coordinator

Mie Hjorth Matthiesen

Project Coordinator Specialist Consultant, MedCom

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