About us

The challenge

The healthcare data landscape is marked by significant challenges: individuals lack access to their health data in a user-friendly format, doctors face difficulties in cross-border data access, researchers encounter obstacles in obtaining quality health data in coded formats, and companies, particularly SMEs in Europe, grapple with complex regulations hampering growth.

Developers striving to adhere to standards find themselves burdened with high costs and an uneven playing field. These issues collectively hinder the seamless flow of health information and impede progress in the healthcare ecosystem.

The Digital Compass 2030 sets the European Union (EU) to empower businesses and people in a human-centred, sustainable, and prosperous digital future. When it comes to the health sector, this ambition requires effortless sharing of high-quality trusted health data, so that participation in the digital health economy becomes effortless. so that participation in the digital health economy becomes effortless.

Our Vision

xShare envisions everyone sharing their health data in EEHRxF with a click-of-a-button. The xShare Yellow Button to be featured across health portals and patient apps and allow people to exercise their data portability rights under GDPR. Hence, the European EHRxF will be the driver for research and innovation in EHDS.

Target groups

xShare will work towards and with the following stakeholder groups

Policy makers

Healthcare organisations


Tech providers & academia