The xShare Yellow Button

xShare envisions everyone sharing their health data in European Electronic Health Record Exchange Format (EEHRxF) with a click-of-a-button – the xShare or yellow button- to be featured across health portals and patient apps, allowing people to exercise their data portability rights under GDPR.

Developers striving to adhere to standards find themselves burdened with high costs and an uneven playing field. These issues collectively hinder the seamless flow of health information and impede progress in the healthcare ecosystem. Through xShare, the EEHRxF will enable everyone to safely share their health data with a click of the xShare button and citizen engagement will be the driver for research as new innovative ways to explore health data will truly realize the vision of the European Health Data Space (EHDS).

In a simple and straightforward way, individuals will be able to share their health data in harmonised, structured and coded formats across digital health services and Europe will continue to show leadership in global digital health standards to achieve this goal.

Europeans using the button will be able to engage in citizen science sharing their data possibly anonymized with population/public health dashboards. xShare is inspired by the US CMS Blue Button and on the results of numerous interoperability projects.